Saturday, January 16, 2010

Robert Arneson Tribute Show- Davis Art Center

Solomon Dubnick Gallery artists Jeff Nebeker, Peter and Camille VandenBerge all have ceramic works on view in the Robert Arneson tribute show at the Davis Art Center in Davis. Jeff Nebeker has two new ceramic busts included in this exhibition! Please treat yourself and support this show with a visit.

In January '10, the Davis Art Center will kick off its 50th Anniversary by celebrating one of California’s most irreverent Pop artists - Robert Arneson - through an exhibit showcasing the impact Arneson has had on artists in our community and beyond. Arneson pieces from the collections of The Nelson Gallery and the Davis Art Center will be on display, as well as works by Arneson students Donna Billick, Robert Brady, David Gilhooly, Kurt Fishback and Tony Natsoulas, among others.

EXHIBIT RUNS: January 8-February 5.

LOCATION: Tsao Gallery, Davis Art Center, 1919 F Street, Davis, CA 95616
GALLERY HOURS: 10 am- 2 pm, Tuesday-Friday; 1-5 pm, Saturday, January 9 & Saturday, January 30.

For more information regarding this show, click here.
To view works by Jeff Nebeker, please click here.
To view works by Camille VandenBerge, please click here.
To view works by Peter VandenBerge, please click here.

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