Saturday, October 2, 2010

Joseph Bellacera 2nd Saturday Reception @ Capital Public Radio

2nd Saturday Artist Reception: Joseph Bellacera

Saturday, October 9th from 6- 9pm

Joseph Bellacera's "Flight Patterns, An Aerial View of the Local Landscape," will be on display at Capital Public Radio from 6-9 pm. Join us for light refreshments, gourmet wines, live music and stunning works by a local artist.

About the artist:
Today Bellacera finds inspiration throughout his travels. Views of the ocean, deserts of the southwest, aerial views of agricultural fields, landscapes of the Sacramento delta region, ancient walls, mosaics, and the intimate patterns of nature found in his garden all combine to inspire him. In his luminous abstract and landscape paintings radiant forms emerge and dissolve to evoke feelings of transcendence and the Divine. Bellacera comments, "I use the alchemy of color and light to create the experience of seeing something, as if for the first time, before we define, name and categorize it. In this way, through painting, the mystery and awe of discovery and creation is continuously renewed." The most profound artistic influences on Bellacera's work have been that of JMW Turner's emotional and atmospheric seascapes from the early 19th century; Kandinsky's early 20th century spiritual abstract improvisations; and the more recent work of James Turrell, a Southwest installation artist who works with light.

To view more of Joseph's work, please click here.

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