Thursday, February 11, 2010

Joseph Bellacera- Winters Community Library Installation

Joseph Bellacera Installation
(Detailed images below)

SD Gallery artist Joseph Bellacera has been creating some phenomenal public artwork. Joseph will be installing this multi-paneled piece for the Winters Community Library. We had the opportunity to view this piece in his studio, and it is stunning. We are looking forward to seeing this piece installed, which should be soon.

Winters Community Library Central Information Area
Artwork 22’ W x 6.5’ H

"(The) Artwork consists of multiple panels depicting aerial landscape from surrounding area of Winters. These mostly agricultural patterns include marshes, orchards, contour and straight set fields as well as irrigation canals and road ways.
The highly textural panels project from the wall at varying depths. Materials include resin panels, aluminum and wood panels. Painted with oils, enamels, acrylics and sealed with UV polyurethane."

Joseph Bellacera

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  1. Congratulations Joe on such a beautiful example of your work at the Winters Library ~!