Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lodi Memorial Hospital Installation by: Joseph Bellacera

Joseph Bellacera just finished installing this multi-paneled painting, "Fields of Light Over Lodi," for the Lodi Memorial Hospital. Below is an image of this beautiful installation and images of Joseph putting the finishing touches on his work.

"(The) Artwork depicts the aerial landscape from the surrounding area of Lodi. These agricultural patterns include marshes, orchards, vineyards, contour and straight set fields as well as irrigation canals and roadways."

- Joseph Bellacera on "Fields of Light Over Lodi".

Fields of Light Over Lodi, 5' x 26' x 8", wood, plexiglass, oil, acrylic, enamel and varnish

To see more of Joseph Bellacera's work through SD Gallery, please click here.

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